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Mirja Reuter and Florian Gass

Was part of: exp. 1 and exp. 3

Mirja Reuter and Florian Gass

Mirja Reuter, born 1986 in Bamberg, DE
Florian Gass, born 1966 in Munich, DE

Live and work in Berlin, DE

The collective practice of Mirja Reuter and Florian Gass has developed in dialogue with the children who take part in the workshops they have organized around such activities as mobile puppet theater performances, dramatizations of provenance research, model carmaking and team racing, and narrative improvisations and filmmaking. As a microcosm of everyday life, theater provides a stage for role-playing and collective narration and storytelling, allowing both actors and viewers to reflect upon the performative nature of individual and social group identities.

Already familiar with the neighborhood of Wedding, given their experience developing projects with the Quartiersmanagement Brunnenviertel social fund, Reuter–Gass participated in exp. 1: The Bones of the World with several workshops, both for school classes and local children. One of these, titled Geschichten in Bewegung [Stories in Motion, 2019], engaged a group of third graders from the local Brüder-Grimm Elementary School to construct stick puppets and stage sets for public puppet and shadow theater performances at the 11th Berlin Biennale’s ExRotaprint venue. They also contributed individual drawings and paintings (Reuter’s suggested childhood unrest; Gass’ fragile bodies) to a visual display documenting this edition of the biennial’s embrace of processual—rather than object-oriented—artistic and cultural practices.

For exp. 3 Reuter-Gass invited children from the neighborhood to produce large-scale puppets whose bodies become part of the materiality of improvisations and performances articulating their perspectives, desires, and fears.

Michèle Faguet

List of works

Mirja Reuter, untitled (from the series hybrids), 2011, marker on paper

Mirja Reuter, untitled (from the series hybrids), 2011, oil pastel chalk on paper

Florian Gass, untitled, 2003, pencil and oil on paper

Florian Gass, setzt uns wieder zusammen [put us back together again], 2010, oil on canvas

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