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Osías Yanov and Sirenes Errantes

Venue: daadgalerie

Osías Yanov and Sirenes Errantes

Osías Yanov born 1980 in Buenos Aires, AR – lives and works in Buenos Aires and Berlin, DE
Sirenes Errantes founded in 2020 in Berlin, Buenos Aires and São Paulo, BR

Osías Yanov is tireless in his search for moments of tension, pressure, overflow, desire, and joy. His multifaceted practice, which could be loosely described as social choreography, has been shaped by his experiences in the underground art and theater scene of Buenos Aires during the 1990s. His point of departure is the moment of transition when the individual spills over into the collective and how the body responds in that particular threshold. Working through performance, installation, and video, Yanov produces revelatory objects, settings, and scenarios drawing from ancient and contemporary rituals in order to find unexpected realities embedded within the everyday. For the work Servicio de Escuchasión [Listening Service, 2020], commissioned by the 11th Berlin Biennale, Yanov continues his process of experimenting with salt as a binding agent of social alchemy, that he began in his presentation at exp. 3: Affect Archives. Sinthujan Varatharajah – Osías Yanov at ExRotaprint.

Once a precious mineral of major exchange value and now one of the cheapest industrialized items on a supermarket shelf, through its specific material transformations, salt manifests our precarious and hermetic potential for mutual healing. Yanov’s most recent work with salt has developed through conversations he initiated with the Sirenes Errantes, a collective of “wandering non-binary mermaids” that he cofounded in 2020 with artists in different parts of South America. In response to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the Sirenes Errantes initiated an online support structure for their members. Offering their services to the public through online personal appointments, the Sirenes Errantes will also continue their operations beyond the scope of the biennial. In the meantime, inspired by the healing conversations he experienced during the pandemic, Osías Yanov creates an encircling environment as a crystallization of collective earthly survival at a time when the world seems to be dismantling itself.

Övül Ö. Durmusoglu

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