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Naomi Rincón Gallardo

Venue: daadgalerie

Naomi Rincón Gallardo

Born 1979 – based in Mexico City, MX, currently living between Vienna, AT, and Mexico City

Using speculative fiction, a variety of performance dynamics, and technological elements of cuir (rather than queer), pop, and kitsch culture, Naomi Rincón Gallardo creates fables based on Mesoamerican cosmologies and decolonial feminisms. In Resiliencia Tlacuache [Tlacuache Resilience, 2019], Cerro (Spanish for “hill”), Tlacuache (Nahuatl for “opossum”), Lady 9 (a Mixtec cave deity), and Mayahuel (the Aztec goddess of the maguey plant), four characters from different narratives of origin and times come together in the present to evoke the power of fire and joy in the fight against modern extractivism. The characters manifest themselves through celebration, drunkenness, relaxation, and non-conformity. Wearing colorful DIY outfits and objects, dancing and singing in open and closed spaces, they have a lo-fi glam that stands out from the colors of nature. The lyrics of their songs question the processes of expropriation and destruction generated by the logics of progress and associated practices of hoarding. Such cohabitation of entities, landscapes, and actions constitutes what she calls “counter-worlds,” which juxtapose irreverence (towards the codes of capital and colonialism) with respect (towards Indigenous worldviews). Her work is clearly indebted to the latter, in which spiritual forms populate and enchant the everyday.

The work is dedicated to the struggle of Zapotec environmental activist Rosalinda Dionisio Sánchez, who from her community in San José del Progreso, Oaxaca, has denounced the mining ventures responsible for depriving traditional communities of their territories and of the possibility to continue living according to their ancestral worldviews.

Beatriz Lemos

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