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Andrés Fernández

Venue: daadgalerie

Was also part of: exp. 1

Andrés Fernández

Born 1973 in Madrid, ES – lives and works in Madrid, ES

Although the cartographies of Andrés Fernández might lead nowhere, they take us into the very mystery of existence, the time and place before birth. The atlases, perspective drawings, and lists of words that make up his body of work comprise a fabulous geography, the unexpected result of some Big Bang. Images of distant islands like Sumatra, personal scenarios, and experiences are fused into a secret mythology that takes us through the birth canal itself, through the mysterious transit zone of Cundinamarca. Some of the works seem to be underlined by patterns that recall the structures of urban planning, a city’s topography, or a traffic system, but Fernández’ drawings ultimately follow only the zigzagging movements of an inner logic and a dogged curiosity.

His compositions could be described as intimate maps for self-preservation. Some are shortcuts and illustrations taken from Fernández’ journeys through Madrid, taking the form of virtual tours, when leaving the house was not an option. As exuberant as they are practical, his travel guides feature neither monuments nor tourist attractions, although they may very well contain secrets for alleviating excess suffering or avoiding a fall into the abyss of meaning. The journey home is always bordered by psychic incidents and discomfort.

Andrés Fernández is member of Debajo del Sombrero, a Spanish artists platform that proposes new meanings for the word “disability.” His work does not just involve the production of images; it operates as an antidote, as a way to express forces far more powerful than the institutions of medicine and contemporary art. Leaving the beaten path and finding a new one involves danger. But it also offers the possibility of accessing new strategies and knowledge that help in the navigation of everyday life.

Alfredo Aracil

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