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Born 2014 in Copenhagen, DK – lives and works in Copenhagen, DK und and Berlin, DE

This drawing was posted online on social media together with the following message on April 3, 2019:

“Three weeks ago, the day before my partner was hospitalized for severe clinical depression, my four year old son made this drawing about his father’s illness. His theory is that a sad bee sneaked inside his body and is stinging him from the inside out (the two other figures, above his father, are our friends who had a stomach flu. They also have bees, just of a different kind). I thought it was fundamental that my four year old was able to find his own language to speak to illness. Last Friday my son went into hospital. He had an accident at his nursery, broke his arm in two places, and needed to be operated. It is still unsure whether more operations are in order. He is now at home with me, recovering, and I am so relieved that what is broken in him can be fixed. I know he will be liberated from the hospital system sooner than later. My birthday happened between one hospital and another. It was actually quite nice. Two women I admire came over to my place and gave me the nicest birthday present ever: they came to share my reproductive work with me. It felt like sisterhood. I feel so grateful and fortunate for my support structures, the friendships that hold (me) us together. They are survival, in love and struggle. Thank you for all the care.”

List of works

Child’s drawing, 2019, pencil on paper

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