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La rara troupe

Venue: Gropius Bau

La rara troupe

Founded in 2012 in León, ES

La rara troupe was originally formed at the Department of Education (DEAC) of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, Spain. As one founding member writes, the group is inspired by the desire to “mark out paths that are not only connected with mental illness but also with the social dissatisfaction that brought us together.” Distancing themselves from societal categorizations that generate stigma, they use first-person narrations and easy-access technology to offer a making-together that focuses on process. Their work formulates horizons outside the logics of capital and authorship, understanding how definitions of the abnormal are used as tools for social control.

La humana perfecta (The Perfect Human) (2018) is a remake of Det perfekte Menneske [The Perfect Human] by Jørgen Leth, a Danish experimental short film from 1967. Leth’s film addressed the notion of “perfection” in the figure of the white heterosexual male and his female counterpart. La rara troupe restages it shot by shot, using the original soundtrack and the same clean aesthetic. However, while the actions in Leth’s film are carried out by one or two individuals, in La rara troupe’s remake they are enacted by pairs or the collective, enhancing the idea of the body as a social body. People show their scars and hairs. One character wears a cast, another is in a wheelchair. Two men embrace in bed, beneath sheets stamped with the name of the city’s sanitation office, probably used in hospitals. It is the multiplicity of quirky and unique bodily features, gestures, and interactions that constitutes La rara troupe’s perfect human. Their film acknowledges the failure of any ideal circumstances for living and making.

Amelia Bande

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