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Florencia Rodriguez Giles

Venue: KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Florencia Rodriguez Giles

Born 1978 in Buenos Aires, AR – lives and works in Buenos Aires

Drawing and performative practices alternate in the work of Florencia Rodriguez Giles, like two communicating vessels working simultaneously to sound out different physical and psychological states. Although drawing is always an act of proposing new realities and conceiving alternate worlds, in Rodriguez Giles’ work these spaces assume a metaphysical dimension. Biodelica (2018), a series of large black-and-white pencil drawings, shows scenes of heroic scale and proportion that depict an alternative utopia entirely devoid of male heroes and their aggressions. Actions unfold in landscapes that are enjoyed in a spirit of cooperation and exchange. Tangles of bodies and fragments of vegetation form assemblages of a life in the wild that undermines any natural order. Figures with transforming bodies explore new gymnastic routines, practices for an uncertain evolution that defies the logic of scarcity and the fight for survival.

This tribe of humanoids knows only the law of mutation, a mythical law. They dance along a psychedelic horizon. In this viscous reality, crisis is germinal and productive. It operates on the level of desire, where the surrender of the will is an exercise in unconditional love. With each liberating act, with every newly discovered pleasure, the physiology of these monsters adopts more exuberant forms. When nature is not viewed merely as a raw material, when it is not exploited and held captive, life finds a way to flourish, even in the most arid of deserts.

Life forms burst forth to roam the emptiness of the Pampa. Night falls, and the breath of those who come up through cracks in the earth can be heard on the plains. These cross-species beings share turbid saliva as they enact their futuristic folklore.

Alfredo Aracil

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