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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 11th Berlin Biennale take place?

The 11th Berlin Biennale takes place from September 5 to November 1, 2020. Information on the different opening hours of the exhibition venues can be found here.

Where does the 11th Berlin Biennale take place?

The 11th Berlin Biennale takes place at four exhibition venues: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the daadgalerie, the second floor of the Gropius Bau, and the 11th Berlin Biennale c/o ExRotaprint project space. You can find addresses and directions here.


Hygiene Measures and Rules of Conduct

Which hygiene measures does the Berlin Biennale implement?

We ensure that a visit is as safe as possible through different measures in accordance with the current standards of the State of Berlin. This includes guards and staff wearing face masks, regular disinfection, and a limit on the number of visitors depending on the size of the exhibition venue. Disinfectant dispensers are available in all exhibition spaces of the 11th Berlin Biennale. Wherever possible, entrances and exits are separated, route guides and distance markings lead visitors through the exhibition. Benches may not be used at all or by a maximum of one person.

Do I have to wear a facemask in the exhibition?

The employees of the Berlin Biennale wear facemasks for your and our safety. We kindly ask you to wear a facemask as well.

What other regulations must be observed?

We ask that all visitors:
– Please always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other visitors
– Observe current hygiene regulations as well as sneezing and coughing etiquette (into your elbow)
– Avoid touching surfaces, if possible
– Wash your hands regularly and for a sufficient length of time (at least 20 seconds)
– Pay attention to the on-site signage and employee instructions

Do I have to submit my contact details?

During the online booking process, you will enter your billing address. These contact details are sufficient to notify our visitors and the responsible authority in the event of suspected cases of coronavirus.



How can I buy a ticket for the 11th Berlin Biennale?

You can buy tickets for the exhibitions in our online shop. Only in exceptional cases is it possible to purchase tickets directly at the 11th Berlin Biennale ticket desks at KW Institute for Contemporary Art and the Gropius Bau. Due to the current situation, the number of visitors at any time is limited and there may be longer wait times. We therefore ask all visitors to book tickets through our online shop. Online tickets for KW and Gropius Bau cost 7 € each. Admission to daadgalerie and 11th Berlin Biennale c/o ExRotaprint is free, but an online ticket is still required.
Please assist those who are unable to buy tickets via our online shop.

Can I visit all exhibition venues with my ticket?

There is no general ticket for all four exhibition venues. Due to the current situation, separate online tickets are sold for each venue. The ticket entitles you to a single visit to the respective location. When purchasing an online ticket, you will reserve a 30-minute admission window, during which time access to the respective exhibition is possible without a long waiting period. Visits to the daadgalerie and 11th Berlin Biennale c/o ExRotaprint are free of charge. Nevertheless, please book a free ticket in advance with an admission window. The length of the stay in the exhibition rooms is independent of the scheduled admission time. We ask our visitors to adhere to the pre-selected admission times.

Do I have to print out the online ticket?

You will receive an email with the booking confirmation. You will find a print@home ticket for printing on an A4 page attached to the email. Alternatively, you can open the mobile ticket via the link and show it on your smartphone or tablet when visiting the exhibitions.

I bought a ticket and now I can’t come. Can I return the ticket?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return tickets that have already been purchased or to change the pre-selected admission period afterwards.

Who gets free or reduced admission?

Reductions are valid for students, those in community service, BBK members, unemployed, and disabled persons (at least 50 % “GdB”) upon presenting relevant identification. Reduced tickets cost € 5.
Free admission to all venues for visitors age 18 and under, berlinpass-holders, and Freunde of KW and Berlin Biennale (KW Freunde e. V.) Nevertheless, please book a free ticket in advance with an admission window.

Is my ticket for the 11th Berlin Biennale at Gropius Bau also valid for the other exhibitions there?

No, Gropius Bau tickets are only valid for the 11th Berlin Biennale exhibition on the second floor.


Exhibition visit

In what order should I visit the exhibition venues?

There is no predetermined order for visiting the exhibition venues.

Are there checkrooms or lockers?

Due to current hygiene measures, checkrooms  at the exhibition venues are not available. Lockers are available at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, daadgalerie and Gropius Bau. It is possible to take bags and backpacks up to DIN A4 size (21 x 30 cm) with you. We kindly ask our visitors to take this into consideration for their visit.

Are all exhibition locations wheelchair accessible?

All four exhibition venues have wheelchair-accessible entrances and toilets and, if necessary, lifts. The courtyard of KW is paved with cobblestones. Please ring the door bell at the main entrance gate and our staff members will assist you while entering the building.
Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons, stools or wheelchairs cannot be provided.

Is the exhibition suitable for children? Are there special offers for children?

Children are very welcome at all exhibition venues. During family hours, we open the spaces for interactive visits, designed for and by children and young people. More information here.

Can I take photos in the exhibitions?

Photography and filming in the exhibitions are permitted, without flash or tripod and for private use only. However, some works of art and projects may not be photographed. In any case, please pay attention to the appropriate signage. For professional documentation, please contact the communications office.

How do I orientate myself within the exhibition?

The visitor flyer offers a lot of useful information, such as maps of the individual exhibition locations. Labels on the works of art and wall texts at the exhibition venues provide additional information about the respective artists and projects. The flyer is available free of charge at the cash desks. The guides are also happy to provide information about the exhibition.

How can I best reach the exhibition locations?

All exhibition venues are easily accessible by public transportation. A list of the nearest stops and train stations can be found here. In general, there is very little or no parking at the exhibition venues. We therefore always recommend the use of public transportation or bicycle.

Can I bring animals to the exhibitions?

For conservation reasons, bringing dogs or other animals into the exhibitions is unfortunately not permitted. An exception, of course, applies to service dogs such as guide dogs.


Offers and Services

Is there WiFi in the exhibition venues?

Publicly accessible WiFi is available at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (KW FREE) and at Gropius Bau (kbb.public). Share your views and photos  with the hashtag #berlinbiennale11 on Instagram—we look forward to seeing your impressions!

Are there public tours of the exhibitions?

Our educators offer public tours of the exhibition locations in different languages on different days. Please note that the number of participants is limited. To take part in a guided tour, you will need an exhibition ticket valid during this period. The meeting point is always the ticket desk of the 11th Berlin Biennale. Please note that in the Gropius Bau this can be found directly in front of the exhibition on the 2nd floor. Dates and more information here.

On Tandem Thursdays, interested visitors have the opportunity to exchange information with each other. All participating visitors will receive a sticker at the ticket desk so that they can recognize each other and start a conversation. Further information on this format can be found here.

Is there an exhibition catalogue?

Four publications are developed throughout the entire curatorial process and address various 11th Berlin Biennale topics. Useful information about the participants, works, and projects on display can be found in the short guide and on the website.

Where can I buy publications of the 11th Berlin Biennale?

All 11th Berlin Biennale publications and articles can be purchased at the ticket desk in KW Institute for Contemporary Art and via our online shop.

Is there an audio guide?

Unfortunately, no audio guide is available. The guards in the exhibition rooms are happy to help with any questions.

Can I bring drinks or food into the exhibition?

Drinks or food are not permitted in the exhibition rooms. There are cafés in the courtyard of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, in the Gropius Bau, and on the ExRotaprint grounds that offer drinks, cakes, and various dishes. The operators implement the applicable hygiene regulations independently. The opening times can vary.

Where can I find information on past exhibitions and editions of the Berlin Biennale?

The institutional website of the Berlin Biennale contains texts on all previous editions and participants, as well as additional information about the institution.



For all press-related questions, please contact:

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By using this website you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our data privacy policy.